Automate your work effectively
Are you a Scrum enthusiast? Well, you couldn't have found a better place to completely organize your projects in.
Boost your enterprise
Work faster and give yourself an opporutunity to run your Scrum projects from any place on earth.
From specialists to specialists
ScrumIt has been delivered by people who needed a good and affordable solution to deliver projects using only one tool.
Become an effective leader
Are you a Scum Master? This tool gives you the possibility to help your team even if they are scattered all over the globe.
Team leader
Bartłomiej Lubiatowski
C# (Windows Phone,
+48 534 129 491
Android developer
Gabriel Kudela
Java (Android)
+48 534 129 491
iOS developer
Jakub Gościniak
Objective C (iPhone), Java
+48 570 434 095

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